Saturday, September 11, 2010


I met with the electrician today.  They'll run a new 30A 220v circuit out to a new subpanel for my room.  Then I can branch off for the lights and the outlets.  I'm currently using one 20A circuit in my basement turning room for both the outlets and the lights.  I'd like to have more power in case I upgrade from my Jet Mini.

Current Amp Load:
  • Ridgid AF2100 Air FIltration 0.9a
  • Ryobi BS903 Band Saw 2.5a
  • Ryobi TS1350 Miter Saw 15a
  • Ridgid WD0625 Shop Vac (Dust Collection) 7.3 a
  • Jet 1014 Mini Lathe 3a
I don't believe the 15a listed on the Internet for the Jet.  It has a 8 amp overload breaker built in, so obviously, it's lower than that.  Using this, I calculate the Jet amperage at 3.

Only the air filtration, lathe and shop vac are used continuously.  That's a total of 11.2a.  The rest are used intermittently.

The new shop vac (Festool) will draw 8 amps, so that's not significantly different than the Ridgid.

The Nova 1624, that I may upgrade to, will draw approximately 10 amps.  So, 30 amps spread about the shop in two circuits should be fine.

I'll may run the shop lights off one of the garage outlets that'll be covered up in the remodel.   Since I'll only have 2-3 fluorescent fixtures, it won't be much load.

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