Monday, September 6, 2010


Here's the floor plan of the garage, with the shop added.  The large dotted rectangles are the cars.  We only have two, but I want to leave space for three.  Not really space for three Suburbans (!), but space for one and two smaller vehicles. 

Here's a rough shop plan, I've changed a few things since this was drawn, but it's close. 

Since the room is so narrow, all the tools and bench will go on the North wall.  I'll add a second window into the garage directly across from the "real" window", so I can ventilate on nice days.  The lathe sits directly in front of the north window.  This'll be nice. 

Cabinets - I'll look at ReStore for used cabinets.  I don't want anything 'open' as the shavings and dust create too much mess.   ReStore is a fun place to look around.

I'll build a wood base for my small bandsaw, so it'll sit on top of the small tablesaw.  I rarely use the tablesaw, so this should work well.

I'm planning to purchase a nice, ie- QUIET, dust collector, either a Fein or Festool.  I'll build a small rolling cart for it and add a Dust Deputy .  Finally, I'll mount my grinder on top of this cart.  Everything has to do multiple duty with my limited space.

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