Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ceiling Installed

We got the ceiling installed yesterday afternoon.  Renting the PanelLift was a smart move.  It really made the installation easier, plus at $15 from Sat noon to Mon 9am, you can't beat the price.

I used B/C plywood.  The B side has the voids filled and sanded.  It was $5 more a sheet than the sheathing grade, but if I decide to paint, it'll be much easier and look better.

I decided to go with plywood instead of drywall for several reasons.  It should take an errant strike from a tool or a launched turning without serious damage.  Price-wise, it's probably a wash compared to paying someone to hang, tape and float the drywall.  Finally, it'll sure be easier when I need to mount something to the wall.  

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