Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finishing up some inside items

Here's the shop vac, dust deputy and grinder in their new home.  It's on rollers, so I can move it around. 

That's the first time I every made a face frame.  I used the Kreg pocket jig, worked like a champ.  Good thing I don't have to make a living as a cabinetmaker.  Lots of errors and gaps that the picture doesn't show.

The dust deputy work great!  All the hype is well deserved.  It's catching most of the dust, with little making it to the Shop Vac.

The Fein shop vac is also working well.  It is extremely quiet compared to the old vac.  I've added the HEPA filter, I used the "Red Stripe" big box version.  Needed a 3/8" carriage bolt to attach it. 

I tore apart the old air filter.  I couldn't get a decent, ie - less than 5 micron filter for it.  I installed the guts into a plywood box.  Added a big box filter, I have a MERV 13 (0.3 micron filter) on the way.  With these stacked, I should be in good shape.   I need to add a grille on the exhouast end.  The old housing is ready for the trash. 

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