Monday, November 22, 2010

Window Protection and Chop Saw Storage

I added a sheet of acrylic in front of the window.  This'll protect it in the likely event that something comes loose from the lathe.  I hadn't though if this, but thankfully someone from Woodturner's Resource suggested it. 

All I could find was 1/8" acrylic.  The polycarbonate was WAY too expensive.  I stiffened the acrylic with some 1x.  I ripped a groove in it and glued the acrylic in place. 

After struggling for a few weeks with shop saw storage, here's my solution.  First I fabricated a plywood base and "hood" to keep the sawdust contained and allow me to attach the shop vac hose.  Then I noticed that my table saw had 3/8" holes predrilled and tapped on the right side.  I'd guess it's for a table extension.  I mounted a piece of 3x3 (where did that come from?), then added a couple of bicycle hooks.  Finally, two 1" holes in the base and the saw can hange her.  This gets it off the floor and it can be moved to the top of the table saw when needed.   

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